September 30th 2020

Proud Army Reserves from Grantham celebrate the end of their basic training

Reserves Pass Out at Grantham

Reserves Pass Out at Grantham

Army Reserves have marked the completion of their first stage of military training with a socially distanced Pass Out parade at Army Training Regiment (Grantham).

More than 80 new Reserves from a range of civilian backgrounds including a driving instructor, a rural policy researcher and a personal shopper took part in the traditional pass out ceremony.  The parade marked the successful completion of Phase One training. This includes four weekend courses and a 16-day residential training course at Army Training Regiment, Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, Grantham.

Reserves Pass Out.

Reserves Pass Out.

Reserve training in field-craft.

Reserves trained in field-craft.

Normally, the Reservists would stand on the parade square in front of their families and friends. It is an opportunity to witness the pomp and ceremony that marks such an important step.  However, Coronavirus made it a different experience, with the families watching the parade from a FaceBook live stream.

The training, which abided by the social distancing rules, taught them everything they need to know to fulfil their role and included military terminology, drill, shooting, weapon handling, first aid, field-craft and map reading.

Following the pass out, the soldiers will be joining Army Reserve units from a variety of cap badges and Corps, including the Royal Logistic Corps, Intelligence Corps and the Royal Army Medical Corps, and will now return to their units to complete their Phase 2 trade training.

Deputy Commander Reserves presents awards at Pass Out

Brigadier David Harrington, Deputy Commander Reserves, 3rd (United Kingdom) Division, inspected the parade and presented a series of awards including those for Best Recruit and Best Shot.

Addressing the parade, Brigadier Harrington said: “You are at the start of what is potentially a fantastic and rewarding life with the Reserves and the wider Army. Incredible opportunities lie before you. You must grab them.  As a British soldier, you are now part of a fantastic organisation that is respected around the world, valued by our allies and feared by our enemies.”

Reserves training at a social distance9 of 340)

Socially distanced training.

He concluded: “Make the most of the opportunities, be happy and be proud of what you have achieved so far. Relish being part of this new life, support those around you, they will support you. Be ambitious, push yourselves hard to achieve the best you can but always be a team player. Remember your mates, in harsh times you will need them, and they will need you. Good luck, an exciting and rewarding military life lays before you.”

The course is delivered by Army Training Regiment (Grantham) whose instructors have been specially selected and trained for their role. Their main task is to lead recruits through their training and assist them with passing all aspects of the course.

All Army Reserves are paid whilst training. The pay scale is based on what a Regular soldier with the same job and rank would receive. Pay is increased as a soldier gains promotion and experience. For information on joining the Army Reserves visit the Army web site.


"Be ambitious, push yourselves hard to achieve the best you can but always be a team player." Brigadier David Harrington