March 11th 2022

Back in the skies: RAF Air Cadets resume flying

An Air Cadet and Instructor in a Tutor aircraft.

Cadet William Attenborough from 138 (1st Nottingham) Squadron enjoys Air Experience Flying.

RAF Air Cadet across the East Midlands have started Air Experience Flying again, following restrictions being lifted on 14th February.

Air Cadets from 138 (1st Nottingham) Squadron, 209 (West Bridgford) Squadron and 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Squadron are just some of those that have been flight training.

Members from each Squadron attended RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire on 6th March for their Air Experience Flying with 7AEF.

Two photos of Cadets in Tutor aircraft with instructor.

Cadets from 2425 Squadron (top) and 209 Squadron (bottom) also attended RAF Cranwell.

RAF Air Cadets had to suspend flying lessons in Tutor aircraft, alongside all face-to-face activity, in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, the group of Cadets included many first-time fliers, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Cadet William Attenborough joined 138 Squadron in February 2020, and completed all of his first-class training virtually.

He commented: “Flying was a great experience, the people who ran the flying were really kind and I got to experience loop the loops and Barrel rolls. I was able to take control of the plane for myself and I learned how it all worked.

“The view from the plane was amazing and I had a fantastic time.

Flying is just one of the opportunities available by joining Air Cadets.

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