April 29th 2020


Alastair Lewis Fawlkes

Alastair Lewis Fawkes working on NHS frontline

Reservist Leading Naval Nurse Alastair Lewis Fawkes, who works full-time as an A&E Deputy Charge Nurse at Leicester Royal Infirmary, is working on the front line of the NHS in the battle against Coronavirus.

The 30 year old from Leicester is based at HMS Sherwood and has been part of the Royal Navy Reserves (RNR) for one year.  His military job role as a Naval Nurse is to support the medical branch in any way required, to assist in recruitment and to develop his skills so that he is the highest standard for deployment with the Navy.

Fawkes pass out parade

Fawkes’ pass out parade 2019

Alastair explained that in his civilian role: “Every shift is different. I can be expected to take charge of the Emergency Department, co-ordinate specific areas such as assessment or resus, triage and assess patients, care for and treat both adults and children. One moment I can be found suturing cuts and the next resuscitating a patient.”

Alastair joined the Reserves to help protect the nation, as well as other nations around the world, and he also wanted to help his community. Now with a years’ service, Alastair said he most enjoys the teamwork and comradeship of being in the Royal Navy Reserve.

“Being a Royal Navy Reserve provides a variety of benefits to your career and life as a civilian,” Alastair commented.  “Training and development that the RNR has provided has aided my civilian career. The training has made me more confident in my own abilities and changed the way I assess situations, which has developed me personally.”

This is just one story of the many Royal Navy Reservists across the country who have been called up to help fight the battle against Coronavirus. If you are interested in joining the Reserves in supporting your nation and your community, find a unit near you here.

"One moment I can be found suturing cuts and the next resuscitating a patient." - Alastair Lewis Fawkes