June 27th 2019

Reserves teaching the Royal Oman Army

Team in Oman

The Reserve training team in Oman

A team of Reserve chefs deployed to Oman were responsible for assisting in the training and development of chefs from the Royal Oman Army. 

Whilst in Oman the chefs worked closely with the Omani Army and split the six week course up into three phases that allowed them to focus on the areas of training which were most in need. 

The team consisted of Sergeant Lee Whiteley, WO1 Darren  Martin-Chambers, Staff Sergeant Steve Whitby and Sergeant Jim Walker all of whom serve in 167 Catering Support Regiment based in Grantham. 

WO1 Darren Martin-Chambers explained: “This was a very valuable and challenging project which tested the training team and provided an excellent opportunity to experience different cultures and norms. It was an absolute pleasure to work with and for the Omani Army.” 

One of the Regiment training a Chef in Oman

One of the Regiment training a Chef in Oman

Each phase of training took on a slightly different focus, first they aimed to work on confidence building exercises through ice breakers, scenarios, discussions, group presentations and command tasks. 

WO1 Darren Martin-Chambers said: “The first phase was really all about getting them working together as a close team. A lot of the exercises and challenges we did were very similar to the kind we’ve done in the past to develop our own leadership and teamwork skills.”  

In phase two the Reservists taught a classroom based professional cookery course which was themed around world foods and used many of the lesson plans and techniques taught in the Regiment’s own Masterclass syllabus. They also incorporated local dishes that were shared by the Omani pupils. 

Finally there was a practical phase where the students worked through a series of assessments in order to test all the skills they had learnt. Every pupil on the course passed and the Royal Oman Army is now looking to introduce its own chef’s course. 

WO1 Darren Martin-Chambers concluded: “The students and assistant instructors reached a high level very quickly and I am very proud of our team who made sure they reached that standard.

“Training other chefs not only reinforces our culinary skills but it also builds our confidence and gives us experience of teaching others which is very useful and something that can help in my civilian career.” 

167 Catering Support Regiment are currently recruiting to find out more about joining call 01159573321 or 07973626191; or email  

“The first phase was really all about getting them working together as a close team."