January 16th 2018

Reservists ‘escape the room’

Logilock 3

Members of the team that tackled the pirate themed room.

Regulars, reservists and civilian staff from the RAF’s Intelligence Reserves Wing recently travelled to Nottingham to take part in an exciting team building exercise with a twist.

Members of the Wing came together to take part in an ‘Escape the Room’ challenge, which has become a popular activity in the last few years with four different companies offering such an experience just in Nottingham.

After being split into three teams and locked into differently themed rooms they had to discover hidden objects and solve clues against the clock using only their minds, logic and teamwork to escape the room in the allotted hour.
More members of the Wing after escaping.

Logilock 2

Members of the Wing after escaping

Each of the ‘escape rooms’ has a different theme to make the contest more exciting, there was a pirate treasure room, a scientist’s laboratory and a secret agent escape.

Once inside the room teams are left to figure out their strategy alone but are monitored throughout and can ask for a few simple hints from the watching taskmasters to aid their escape.

All three teams managed to escape the room with Wing Commander Bailey’s team being the quickest group to complete the task with a whole five minutes to spare, in comparison to one of the other teams that only managed to escape with five seconds to go.

Mark continued: “On the day everyone rose to the challenge, operated as a team and overcame the series of mental challenges presented.  In all, it was an extremely enjoyable and beneficial experience for everyone who took part.”

Mark concluded: “The complexity and uniqueness of the setting meant that neither rank nor length of service could offer much advantage and every team member had to demonstrate their mental agility and independent thought to succeed.

Logiclock 11 15 11 2017 Cosa Nostra

The team who escaped from the Costa Nostra challenge

“It was an excellent day out and one I highly recommended for any section looking for a cerebral team building event.”

You can find out more information about Logiclock and the services they offer on their website.

“Force Development plays an extremely important part of RAF service life for both regulars and reserves and LogicLock provided the perfect chance for personnel to develop their teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.”