September 5th 2018

The Cadet Profile

Leanne Strudwick ski image2 Cadet profile

Leanne Strudwick hitting the slopes on Ski Cadet

Meet Leanne Strudwick, find out her greatest achievements in the cadets and discover why she thinks you should join too. 

Name: Cadet Sergeant Leanne Strudwick

Age: 17

Youth organisation: North Sommercotes Detachment, Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force (ACF)

When did you join the ACF and why?

“I joined the ACF in 2013 as I had always enjoyed hearing all of my dad’s Army stories from when he served in the military. A few friends and I joined the detachment at the same time but they have since left but I have stayed involved as I really enjoy it.”

You are studying outside the ACF. How do you balance this with your ACF activities?

Leanne Strudwick Cadet profile

Leanne Strudwick on annual camp

“I’m currently studying towards my A ‘Levels in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and History at sixth form grammar school.  I’ve found the ACF to be a positive thing to do outside of school as it is really flexible and allows me to take part in as many or as little activities as I can manage. I actually took some school work with me to summer camp this year as there is always a bit of time for me to squeeze in a bit of study time if I want to.”

You have previously been skiing with the ACF. How would you describe this experience?

“I had the opportunity to go skiing two years in a row in 2015 and 2016 which was great. It really was an amazing experience as I had never been skiing before. All of the instructors were really helpful teaching us the basics of learning to ski before having a go on the different slopes. The second time I took part in the ski trip I was placed in a higher group as I had a bit more knowledge about what to do although we still took part in a bit of refresher training. I made it all the way on to the black slopes on this occasion though which were really steep.”

Do you think you would have got the chance to go skiing if you were not a cadet?

“No, to be honest it wasn’t something I had ever had a particular interest in but the ACF opened my eyes to taking part in the sport. I had a really good time and the ACF makes the experience much more cost effective meaning I could go along and join in.”

What did you take away from your ski experiences personally?

“Apart from learning a range of new skills on the slopes, it also gave me the confidence to try new things both on the trips and when I got home. It was also great to work on my team-building skills obviously if someone fell over when skiing we would all help each other, as well as supporting each other to perfect the different types of turns we were instructed to do.”  

If you were to sum up what being a cadet means to you what would you say?

“I have developed some great relationships through the ACF. I’ve made new friends but also the adult volunteers are really inspirational. My detachment commander has inspired me to want to become a doctor when I’m older. I’ve learnt the value of being disciplined and having respect for others but overall it’s about just having a good time. I’d encourage anyone to get involved as you can take part in experiences with the ACF you could never do if you just sit at home playing games all the time.”

"I’ve found the ACF to be a positive thing to do outside of school as it is really flexible and allows me to take part in as many or as little activities as I can manage"