April 3rd 2020


Cadets on their aerospace instructing vourse

Cadets from the South & East Midlands Wing

Three Cadets in the East Midlands completed the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course last month. With the course being one of the top on offer to the RAF Air Cadets in the country, it ran for seven months, from September through to March.


The Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course, completed by Cadet Warrant Officer Samuel Page, 19, and Flight Sergeant Olivia Brown, 18, from 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron and Sergeant Joe Wilson, 17, from 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron, contains seven diverse subjects; air power, aerodynamics, air traffic control (including simulation), basic flight training, aviation studies, aerospace activity planning, instructional technique and presentation skills, one for each month of the course. Each month Cadets developed their learning on the given subject, in order to complete a reflective log and set tasks to do at home for the following weekend.

Flight Sergeant Brown commented on ‘basic flight training’ being her favourite subject, as she “got to handle and teach on a variety of flight simulators while testing my skills and teaching techniques.”

two raf air cadets on their instructing course

Two Cadets on their training course

Cadets mentioned that workload of the course can seem demanding at times, as they are constantly under assessment whether that be based on lesson interactions, homework or practical assessment such as an air PowerPoint presentation. This constant assessment provides Cadets the chance to learn essential life skills such as time management and organisation.

The Course usually ends with a graduation week, where Cadets can celebrate all that was achieved over the many months, and be presented with blue lanyards for passing the course. Unfortunately, the graduation week wasn’t possible this year due to government measures for Coronavirus.

If you are passionate about aerospace and would like to learn more about how to instruct a range of aerospace topics, then consider enrolling on the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course. Cadet Warrant Officer Page commented: “I would wholeheartedly recommend the course, as it gives you the experience and skills that are associated with the coveted blue lanyard. Having the ability to give back to the organisation that has provided me with so much, is a responsibility that I handle with pride.”

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Sergeant Wilson commented that he was “looking forward to instructing new aerospace topics and to improve all the Cadets in my squadron and wing in my new role as a QAI.”