November 15th 2023

Thrills and skills: RAF Reserves undertake annual training on the Isle of Wight


RAF Reserves Logistics Support Wing (RLSW) personnel joined with RAF Medical Reserves from 4626 Squadron in September to complete annual training at Jersey Camp on the Isle of Wight.

During the first week, the 504 Squadron training team, which is based at RAF Wittering, supported the Medical Reserves’ training. This was led by Flight Lieutenant Nicholson and Flight Sergeant Langston-Jones.

For the second half of the trip, Reserves from across RLSW undertook focused training activities to build personal resilience, enhance team cohesion and develop leadership skills.

Adventurous training came in the form of mountain biking and sea kayaking while a navigation day tested the Aviators’ teamwork, leadership and map reading skills. The camp’s 300m firing range also provided a new experience for many of the Reserves.


Personnel took advantage of the opportunity to share skills and knowledge from across trades during a ‘military skills day’ facilitated by 504’s training team. Scenarios included medical emergencies, HGV wheel changes, raft building, observation exercises and mobile team challenges.

Reservist Chefs, led by Flight Sergeant Birnie and Sergeant Kendrick, provided catering for 100 personnel throughout the entire exercise.

Squadron Leader Nick White, Acting Officer Commanding RLSW, based at RAF Wittering, said “This collective training exercise afforded valuable insights into how different Reserve squadrons operate, enabling new networks across multiple specialisations. It demonstrated the agility and resilience of our Reserve cadre, who bring diverse skills and experience together to achieve success.”

Would you like to benefit from the thrills and skills of the RAF Reserve? Email or visit 504 Squadron’s online brochure for more information about becoming a part-time volunteer Reserve.