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Cpl Blayney

June 25th 2024

Reserves Day: ex-farmer on finding invigorating sense of service in his 50s

Outside of the office environment he has ventured to the Mediterranean and Scandinavia and played nationally significant roles as a Reservist in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF). Joining 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron in 2013, Corporal (Cpl) Blayney admits to only fully capitalising on the fulfilling sense of adventure and service that has come […]

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Royal Naval Reservist practise for Op Golden Orb

May 31st 2024

Reserves Day: how to show your support for our Armed Forces

For those unaware, Reserves play a critical role in national defence and security, from countering threats, peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts abroad, to supporting communities and national resilience at home. You can read some of their incredible stories on our website. Whether you have already joined the Employer Recognition Scheme or not, read on for inspiration on how your […]

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Ex Joint Caterer

February 21st 2024

Gold for RAF Reserves in Inter-Services culinary skills contest

Competing in a team with their fellow RAF Chefs, the Royal Auxiliary Air Force chefs cooked up a storm to beat their Army and Royal Navy counterparts to the prestigious accolade. As well as the Royal Air Force contingent being crowned overall competition winners, the 504 Squadron Training Team, based out of RAF Wittering, was […]

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November 15th 2023

Thrills and skills: RAF Reserves undertake annual training on the Isle of Wight

During the first week, the 504 Squadron training team, which is based at RAF Wittering, supported the Medical Reserves’ training. This was led by Flight Lieutenant Nicholson and Flight Sergeant Langston-Jones. For the second half of the trip, Reserves from across RLSW undertook focused training activities to build personal resilience, enhance team cohesion and develop […]

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Northamptonshire Town Council re-signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

July 13th 2023

Hundreds gather for Armed Forces celebration in Northamptonshire

Hundreds of people flooded into the town square to witness a military procession, which also saw Northamptonshire Town Council re-sign the Armed Forces Covenant. The Mayor of Northampton, Cllr Stephen Hibbert, and Major Iain McDavid MBE, Executive Officer for the Army Reserve unit 103 REME, co-signed the covenant. TS Laforey Northampton Sea Cadets, the TS […]

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AS1 Corbett

June 21st 2023

Swimming teacher praises unique opportunities within the RAF Reserves

Air Specialist Class 1 Kathryn Corbett successfully applied to join 504 Squadron of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) in 2019. She said: “I was looking for something completely different to my day job that would give me some new experiences, a part time role that would fit in with my family and work.” AS1 […]

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LAC Hudson

June 17th 2021

RAF Reservist and Graphic Designer supports NHS with Covid testing

Ryan joined as an RAF Reservist over 3 years ago, as part of 504 (County of Nottingham) Squadron, based at RAF Wittering. The Squadron is logistics and engineering focussed, specialising in Supply, Chefs, Military Transport and Engineers. Ryan has had a life-long interest in the RAF, as both his father and grandfather had served, which […]

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SAC Chris Madden at the testing centre during operation RESCRIPT

September 2nd 2020

RAF Reservist mobilised alongside Army in Covid support Operation RESCRIPT

Throughout Operation RESCRIPT, there were hundreds of Royal Air Force Reservists who were mobilised to support the nation’s response. Reservist Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Chris Madden from 7010 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force was mobilised in April 2020. In his day job, SAC Madden is a solicitor in London. We caught up with him to hear […]

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Battle of Britain pilots

July 10th 2020


The 10th of July marks 80 years since the start of the Battle of Britain, where over 1500 British pilots, crew, and coastal command were killed in the four-month battle against the Luftwaffe. Here is the incredible story of Pilot Officer Eric Lock of 41 Squadron who now base locally out of RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. […]

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Chris MADDEN 2

June 26th 2020


Aircraftman Chris Madden serves with the RAF Reserves as well as pursuing a full-time civilian role as a solicitor. To celebrate both Armed Forces Day and London Pride, we are shining a light on the unique skills of our Reservists. We spoke to Chris about why he joined the Reserves and what it means to […]

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